Confidential — Opinion
  Opinion.  Мнение.

Policy of confidentiality

Keeping information is the key priority of this project.


For whom this project


For the ukrainians of the 15 years old and elder


What information we collect

1. Personal data entered by you on registration.
2. Cookie files which are a unique identifier.
3. We collect data on what services and how you use. It happens when, for example, you visit web-sites, look through the advertising materials during the research.
4. We collect and keep data (including personal) on your user devices by means of browser web storage (like HTML5) and data cache. 
5. We use various technologies to receive and record information obtained from our participants. Some of the technologies send to user’s device some data like one or several cookie files or anonymous identifiers. This information is used strictly for research purposes.

How we use collected data

1. Personal data
Registration in the project means defining the socio-demographic characteristics of the participants of the project that is why one must give personal information. Organizers of the project guarantee 100% of the information confidentiality. The information cannot be used by the third party without personal consent of the project participant.
All information given by the participants of the project is analyzed in generalized view (for example: …during the survey of the project «А» positive attitude to the event «B» is expressed by the 45% of women in the age 24-35).
There is no possibility of using the information, including the personal e-mail, for mailing advertisement materials, SPAM, and other actions.

4. Cookie files.
It enables to identify project participant and trace his/her actions. Unique cookie files consist only of identification code.
Data collected by means of cookie files is used only in summarized view and wholly and exclusively for research purposes. This information cannot be used by third parties without project participant’s consent.
The possibility of using cookie files for placement of context advertisement is excluded. 
Moreover, you can block acceptance of all cookie files in the browser or choose that cookie files are set by the browser. Also cookie files can be deleted – for this you need to clear the browser history by selecting point “Delete cookie files and other web-sites data” or delete personal information including cookies in browser settings.