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  Opinion.  Мнение.

Aim of the project

The given project is aimed to study the public opinion to satisfy fully the needs of consumers. Mission of the project is to form the societal relations between consumers and manufacturers to raise the level of welfare of all society members.



Confidentiality of information about the participant of project is guaranteed by the International procedural code of marketing and sociological researches ICC/ESOMAR.

Taking part in the project is easy!

Interaction of the project with the participants is conducted through the e-mail. You have an opportunity to choose the topics which are interesting for you to express your view. You always can interrupt your participation in the project!

Taking part in the project is useful!

Opinion of each participant is considered and it allows him to influence the quality and assortment of goods and services offered at the market. Participant of the project is the first who finds out the tendencies in the sphere of goods and services. For each case of expressing the view the participants receive fee.

Taking part in the project is interesting!

Participants of the project together with the manufacturers take part in the development of goods and services. Surveys often have cognitive character and give an opportunity to have a good time and to widen the outlook.