User agreement — Opinion
  Opinion.  Мнение.

User agreement

The given agreement regulates interaction between participant of the project and organizers of the project.

General provisions
Taking part in the project means expressing view of the project participants by filling in the on-line questionnaires. The participant will receive invitation to take part in the survey on his e-mail which was indicated during the registration and which is the part of the key to enter the personal page.
Participant of the project receives fee on his personal virtual account in points after filling in the questionnaire. Quantity of calculated points depends on the size of the questionnaire and the quantity of questions answered by the participant. The questionnaire, which is not completely filled in, wouldn’t allow obtaining the points on the personal account. Filling in the form of registration doesn’t provide for fee. Participant of the project can withdraw fee from his personal account in different ways. Organizers of the project take responsibility to transfer money on the charity account if the fee is transferred for charity aims. Transfers to the specified funds are made at certain dates. Information about the sum transferred will be laid out on the link «charity». If the fee is transferred to the WEB-purse or to the account of the mobile phone, intermediary carries out the transfer of money, maximal term of transfer is 7 days. If there is a desire to receive the fee in cash, one should send a request to the link «feedback» and point there the identification code of the participant and the mailing address, on which the fee will be sent (organizers of the project cover transfer costs).
Organizers of the project make constantly better format of questionnaires, fill them with interesting innovations to make the process of expressing the opinion by the project participants easy and comfortable. Content of different quality will be offered to the project participants with the indication of size in bytes. And completing such questionnaires means considerably larger fee to recover the traffic losses. Site is specially made easy, so that entry into the page requires a minimum quantity of traffic. Participants of the project can receive points not only by filling in the questionnaires, but also by inviting friends to take part in the project (the unique link is indicated on the personal page for each participant, and information is recorded in base in case of registration of one’s friend), and that person, who has invited someone, receives points after his invited friend took part in the first survey (not after the registration). Quantity of points calculated depends on the quantity of friends invited and the number of registration forms filled in by them authentically.
Only one member of the family is allowed to take part in the project. Persons in the age under 14 aren’t allowed to take part in the project; organizers of the project don’t respond, if the unauthentic information was indicated by intent (for example, concealment of age).

Duties of organizers of the project. Organizers of the project must guarantee 100% confidentiality of personal information of project participants, not inform and not pass to the third persons the private information on the participant, including his e-mail, without his personal agreement. The opinions of the participants are analyzed only in generalized view. Organizers of the project are under an obligation not to place the advertisement materials on the site, not to send on the e-mails harmful information, SPAM, viruses. Organizers of the project must transfer defined fee for participation in the project on the personal account of the participant. In case if the participant decided to break off his taking part in the project, not to send invitations to take part in the surveys and other information.

Duties of participants. To keep the information safe it is not desirable to disclose the personal password of entry into the personal page to the third persons. Only one member of the family can be project participant.

Rights of organizers of the project. Temporarily to disconnect the access to the site during the preventive control. To eliminate the participants from the project for the reason of unauthentic filling in the questionnaire forms, introduction of unauthentic information, attempts of damage. To edit the responses of project participants, to eliminate obscene language, infringement on honor and dignity of the third persons.

Rights of participants. Participants are allowed not to take part in the certain survey, if they are not interested in the subject of it. Participants of the project can break off their taking part in the project. After breaking off the participation in the project the possibility to renew the participation is available, for this one should enter the personal page and click the necessary link following the instruction.